The record would be for the fastest bicycle ride of Route 66 following the original 2500 miles of road network as closely as possible. Unfortunately, much of the road has been decommissioned or repurposed as Interstates and is no longer suitable for bicycles, however there is now an official Bicycle Route 66 which will be used instead.

Danielle Giordano rode a similar route to the one we have planned in Sept/Oct 2016 taking 23 days but research has shown that this was never registered as a record. There was also a Route 66 Bike Race, sadly cancelled midway through, where riders reportedly finished in around 12 days, again no official record was registered.

I expect to have a full support crew riding in a recreational vehicle alongside me for most of the ride. Publicity events will be held in each major city, providing a unique opportunity for marketing and public relations for sponsors and the charities. The ride will of course be documented by video and photography for post ride publicity.

I will embark on a programme of PR activity both pre and post ride, to publicise the story of the ride, key moments, interviews, articles, a weekly video diary and more will all be documented on social media, as well as significant coverage in BikesEtc Magazine.