To make this a success I NEED YOUR HELPAnything you can donate will be greatly appreciated, but in order to persuade you to give a little more, we have come up with the following incentives:

Anyone donating £50.00 ($70.00) will get a mention in one of my videos.

Anyone donating £100.00 ($140.00) will get the following:

  • A mention in one of my videos
  • A free training plan from Direct Power Coaching (potentially worth more than your donation amount!)
  • A £10.00 voucher to spend at Precision Hydration (also use code ‘PAV15’ to get 15% off your first order)
  • 25% off monthly fees with The Beardy PT FOR LIFE! (potentially worth more than your donation amount!)
  • 10% off a carbon wheelset (valued at £500.00 or more) from Zed Bike Wheels (potentially worth more than your donation amount!)
  • A 20% discount off of a Spruzza device

Note: if you wish to receive any of the benefits (in the £100/$140 or more group) you MUST NOT donate with Gift Aid, all donations will be checked and anyone who gives with Gift Aid will not be able to receive benefits (not my law, sorry!). Please save your receipt and email me once you wish to claim your benefits – please note that one claim per receipt and we will be adding more benefits along the way, so it pays to be patient!